Your Stories

Physiotherapy patient

I have had chronic neck and back pain since I was a teenager and physio has helped relieve my pain throughout my life.

I have recently become a mom and will continue to need ongoing physio support to manage my back pain and care for my baby.

I’m also a competitive athlete with shin splints and previous injuries who needs a lot of preventative care to play my sport without further injury.

PBC’s changes have significant impacts for me and would deny me the physio care that I need day to day!

Registered Nurse

This is bs- I have chronic back pain and planter fasciitis, active rehab for this helps so much so I don’t have to call in sick and can actually go to work.

This will change my life in a negative way, and I am worried that I won’t be able to work.

Frontline healthcare worker

I have been accessing pelvic floor physiotherapy accompanied by one on one rehabilitation sessions with a physiotherapy assistant/pilates instructor.

Specifically, I have been receiving treatment as I am recovering from an emergency c section.

These sessions have been invaluable to my physical recovery as well as my mental health.

I am mobilizing well, I have decreased my scar tissue, I am rebuilding my core, and will now be in a much better place physically if I choose to have another child.

Without these, my overall health would be in a far worse place, and my physical recovery would likely be significantly delayed.

Especially in this circumstance, I believe that this service should continue to be covered as it relates to my overall health outcomes, reproductive and mental health.

Physiotherapy Assistant

When I read the email regarding the decision of PBC to no longer cover physio support workers it came as a huge blow.

More than half of my (established over many years and hours ) caseload is Pacific Blue Cross and it will greatly impact my livelihood.

Registered Nurse

The insanity of being a nurse, seeing the incredible harms of downstream healthcare, experiencing physical injuries – and fighting the burnout that daily threatens our ability to do our work – as a direct result of the system-wide burden of this approach to healthcare, and trying to combat this in our own lives in these minuscule personal ways like using our benefits to take care of our bodies so that we can just  keep  going … and having that threatened like this.

It’s madness.

Licensed Practical Nurse

I do physio so that I can actually work.

Nursing and chronic back issues pretty much go hand in hand. It is not rocket science…

Am I supposed to work knowing that I am heading towards injury, but not see anyone unless the injury has happened.

Apparently PBC knows how to manage my health better than myself, my doctor and my care team.

Registered Psychiatric Nurse

My son has bilateral trochlear dysplasia and tibial torsion of his right knee. His surgeon has prescribed physio and the physio has delegated those exercises to the kins.

He has improved his strength tonnes, improving his quality of life.

First our coverage only covers 1 brace per year.

Not even 1 brace per extremity and now they’ve taken away the coverage for kins.

I’m just done with our crappy benefits.


I haven’t slept since this notice was sent. I have so many scenarios in my head, and I would have said that we have stayed 100% compliant with all of the regulations and rules.

Now I feel like it doesn’tmatter if we’ve been by the book.

My main worry is whether a patient who has been given a bill fromPBC could claim that the clinic/physio misled them in some way and try to take legal action. 

Could we be sued by patients?

Frontline healthcare worker

Benefits should include general ongoing maintenance for physiotherapy, especially for frontline workers as they are on their feet all day causing many different aches and pains to body and not necessarily causing injury.

Inconvenience caused to frontline workers who already deals with lots and having to schedule weekdays off to see a doctor for a note is very inconsiderate of their already highly stressful jobs.

Medical professional

Preventative care is crucial to keeping the pressure off the medical system.