The following information is presented as a work-in-progress and is intended to be used as a sort of roadmap of issues to be addressed with varying timelines.

Please remember that this is a very fluid situation with many different stakeholders making contributions at different times and using a variety of methods and approaches.

We are working with urgency to ensure that these issues are resolved as soon as possible to the greatest benefits of the individuals involved as well as present and future physiotherapy professionals and patients.

This page will be updated regularly with whatever new information and resources as they become available.

Issues Map:


  • Pause in paying fees to Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) for clinics and practitioners
  • Pause in new audits
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association and Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia to meet with Pacific Blue Cross to negotiate options

Also related

  • Patients are being billed directly by PBC
  • Increase awareness at all levels of government that the healthcare system is being negatively affected
  • Address these issues with consumer affairs programs and media outlets


  • Education around what PABC wants
  • Clarity on what is allowed
  • Information on what coordinated advocacy looks like
  • Do we need to chart more carefully?
  • What elements are raising red flags?


  • How far can an insurer stray from following a professions’ established scope of practice?
  • What does a new process look like? How is the College involved?
  • Does direct billing of patients become obsolete?