On January 23, 2024 government posted proposed new regulations for physical therapists.  Please visit the professional regulation website to review these regulations.

We have heard from many of you, excited about the possibility of an expansion in the physiotherapy scope of practice, as well as frustration over what has been left out. We spoke with government to clarify the purpose of these regulations, and they confirmed that they are not intended to enhance or expand the scope of practice. They have been developed to bring all professions to a level playing field under the current Health Professions Act prior to amalgamation of the College.

We asked the Ministry to provide more context around what these regulations are for, and on February 16, the CPTBC issued the following FAQs which should answer some of the outstanding questions about what these regulations are and are not intended to cover.  Please visit CPTBC’s FAQs for further information.

We are still interested in hearing what physiotherapists believe should and should not be included, particularly if you have concerns about things that have been left out or changed in the definition.  The regulations will be posted for 90 days (ie, until approximately mid-April), so you have time to write a letter outlining your thoughts.  PABC will be hosting a ‘how to write a response letter’ webinar in early March if you are having trouble getting started.

This page was updated Friday February 16th, 2024.