Dear PABC Members,

Since starting at PABC I have heard a lot about the annual PABC Conference which were most recently held in the Okanagan in 2023 and jointly with CPA in Vancouver in 2024.

To say that opinions are mixed is an understatement. Some of you value the conference and attend regularly, some of you would go if it ‘was a better event’, and many of you ignore it completely. 

We are a member organization, and what we do should always be determined by our members. If members want us to host a PABC conference, great, we will plan one!  If members think a conference is too expensive and time consuming then that is totally fine and fair, too. We won’t have 100% agreement on any decision we make, but planning a conference takes considerable time and resources – are we doing something that the majority of members are unsatisfied with? 

Please let us know!

We recently sent out a survey asking a handful of questions about your feelings regarding a conference. Out of nearly 3,000 members, we had responses from 36 people. This is an underwhelming response and does not bode well for us to continue to host these events. 

At this point, we’d like to boil it down to the most basic question we can ask.   

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

Here are the rules of engagement: 

  • 1 response per person (if you vote twice, we will nullify all of your votes, leaving you with none) 
  • Be HONEST – if you think a conference is a stupid idea, tell us it’s a stupid idea, if it’s the most important thing on your calendar, make sure we know it.  And if you don’t care, then answer “Meh” so we know.  

Thank you for engaging with us on this!

We’ll let you know what the results are very soon!

Andrea Burton, CEO