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Purpose: The purpose of this form is to assist PABC staff in undertaking a literature search that is aligned, as much as feasible, with the needs of the member who has requested it. The responses to the questions help to identify appropriate databases, search terms and filters.

Disclaimer: Given that the information that is identified by a literature search is dependent upon the selected databases, search terms and filters, it is NOT possible to be certain that the literature found represents all available literature. PABC is not responsible for if and/or how members use the information. Members are responsible for critical review and appropriate application of information in compliance with all practice standards required by registration within BC.

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*As a consequence of limited resources, literature searches will be undertaken intermittently. PABC will endeavor to meet requested deadlines but is unable to guarantee a specific timeframe

Details to guide the literature search (PICO Model)

Please provide responses to the following questions as this information is essential to optimizing the literature search for the desired purpose. The more detail and better clarity that you can provide, the better the search strategy can be tailored to your needs.

E.g. children under 5, adults, older adults; hospitalized vs community
E.g. exercise – physical activity vs therapeutic exercise vs strengthening
E.g. to ‘no treatment’ vs another specific treatment:
E.g. length of hospital stay, ROM, strength, quality of life, return to work, cost of treatment, adverse events?
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