I am thrilled to have an opportunity to introduce myself to you as your new CEO of the Physiotherapy Association of BC (PABC). In the next weeks and months I look forward to connecting with many of you personally to talk about your thoughts, concerns, hopes and passion for the profession. This is a new era for PABC. The team of staff, Board of Directors and myself are all excited about the future of physiotherapy in British Columbia.

PABC has a long history of being one of the leading health professional associations in the province. With upcoming regulatory changes, including an amalgamation of our College into a merged regulatory body that includes seven different professions (to start!), there is a lot of work ahead of us as we navigate a new landscape and new rules. Having been part of senior leadership in two different associations that experienced amalgamation, I anticipate there will be some challenging times ahead. For PABC, we are ready to step forward and be the sole voice that only represents physiotherapists in BC.

I come to PABC with a long history of healthcare leadership, having worked for numerous years in government as a speechwriter and strategist before turning my focus to supporting not-for-profit health associations and considering ways my experience and education could advance the work of this sector. A combination of luck, hard work and a belief to leave “no opportunity wasted”, have provided me with amazing experiences working at the international, national, provincial and even municipal levels, writing, advocating and most importantly learning about the things that will strengthen healthcare and release some of the pressures facing the systems and processes we use today.

Experience and skills are great, but where I am most invested is building relationships with members, partners, relevant agencies – even government, as I actively listen to what you want me to understand, things you would like to see change and areas you feel I should focus my attention on. I want to hear from you – by email, phone, in person meetings, zoom or carrier pigeon. This association’s success relies on the heartbeat and the voice of each and every member, and I will be proud to carry your interests forward at every opportunity. Your voice is our strength.

I firmly believe that after the big professions of nursing, medicine and pharmacy, physiotherapists can be the strongest and most influential health profession in Canada. We are on the cusp of greatness – where physiotherapy has a voice in all health care decisions and is a leader in terms of providing the stability and access the health system needs. I am eager to take a strong role in realizing this vision and I hope you will join me. Historically, our CEOs, Boards and staff have built a strong foundation over many decades and I am looking forward to a whole new level of success.

Please join me in thanking and congratulating the amazing Rebecca Tunnacliffe (RBT), for her exceptional leadership as Interim CEO and for helping me transition into this role as well as the PABC Board and Staff who have kept the organization moving forward with strength and purpose.

Look for our strategic plan before the end of the year, as it will highlight your thoughts and our intent toward this new era, and provide you with a plan that will hold PABC accountable to you as a member. We look forward to great discussion and contributions to this plan over the next three years.

Feel welcome to touch base with me at aburton@bcphysio.org or 604-762-4743 if you have questions, want to raise a concern, or just want to chat and get to know me and my vision for the profession. I’m ready if you are! Let’s make this a fabulous journey!

Thank you,

Andrea Burton
Chief Executive Officer