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PRESERVING THE ACTIVE HIP! Everything you’ve wanted to know about the Hip…EXPLAINED!

October 5 @ 8:00 am - October 6 @ 5:00 pm


Everything you’ve wanted to know about the Hip…EXPLAINED!

This popular course integrates the latest scientific knowledge into clinical practice to effectively demystify and explain EVERYTHING about the Hip in a manner that is easy to understand and easy to apply. This unique course is based on physiotherapist David Lindsay’s 30+ years as a passionate clinician and researcher at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre working closely with hip arthroscopy surgeons, sport medicine specialists and clinical researchers. Please note, because this course is only offered a few times per year throughout the world, it may not be available in the Kamloops region again.

Understanding critical Physiotherapy developments in Hip rehabilitation

This two-day in-person course is extremely “hands-on” and will discuss and showcase:

  • the nuances in the anatomy & biomechanics of the hip, that you’ve likely never heard about before, that have critical functional implications,
  • why it has more muscles around it than anywhere else in the body,
  • why most hip pain is insidious and often lasts for years,
  • why hip rehabilitation can give inconsistent results,
  • how easily recognizable gait characteristics can reveal so much about muscle balance around the hip joint,
  • what the labrum does, how it can be injured and how it can be effectively assessed during the physical exam.
  • why “appropriate” rehab can be almost as effective as arthroscopic surgery for FAI and labral pathology. Note: a complete discussion of the indications, outcomes and potential pitfalls of arthroscopic surgery will also be provided.

Not only will course participants learn a comprehensive yet time-efficient physical exam using newly developed tests, they will also be shown highly effective gait re-education and progressive exercise-based management strategies which have undergone scientific scrutiny and clinical success. Complimentary myofascial techniques specific to the hip will also be taught. For additional course information including academic program and seminar schedule: www.hipphysio.ca

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“This is a Very Powerful Course that not only Compliments Everything you Already Know about the Hip but Explains so Much More about What you Don’t Know”

About the Instructors:

David Lindsay BHMS BPhty MSc, Co-founder, Active Hip Centre Calgary

Torri Barnes MScPT BKin, Active Hip Centre Calgary

David is the co-founder of The Active Hip Centre in Calgary: www.activehip.ca  David has published over 30 peer-reviewed research papers. His case-load is almost exclusively made up of patients with recalcitrant hip conditions – many of them medical practitioners! Torri is passionate about the hip and pelvic floor and has worked full-time at the Active Hip Centre since its inception. You will truly enjoy treating patients with hip pain after this course!

To Register or for more information: please contact Torri: tbarnesphysio@gmail.com

Additional Informationwww.hipphysio.ca


October 5 @ 8:00 am
October 6 @ 5:00 pm