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Board of Directors  – Northern Region

Are you excited to help set the direction for the physiotherapy profession in BC over the next few years? Do you have an interest in advocacy, collaboration and strategic planning?

PABC is setting New Directions for the next three years as we launch a new website, build on a new strategic plan, advocate for changes in scope and manage the chaos of the new Health Professions and Occupations Act.

Our new amalgamated College is set to launch in June 2024, and PABC will be the ONLY organization in BC solely devoted to speaking on behalf of physiotherapists.

Be part of the future and join our Board as the Northern Representative!

Nominations are open now for a three-year term beginning April 27, 2024!

Contact Andrea Burton 604-762-4743 or if you have questions.

Deadline March 31st.

The nomination process requires two active members to support, in writing, a third active member who is recommended and accepts the nomination for the seat on the PABC Board of Directors.

One member will officially sign and submit this nomination form. A second member’s name, membership number, and email address (must be the same email used to register with the CPA) will be provided so that the nomination committee may confirm their support in writing.

These details must also be provided for the nominee who must be aware-of and in support of this nomination.