The PABC Board met on February 10th with a lengthy agenda for the next few months. I am grateful to all our board members for their time and insight. We come into this new year with a renewed energy as we know what work lies ahead for our association. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would also like to acknowledge the hard work that Andrea and the PABC staff have put in to reorganize our office, both physical space and the organization as a whole.  

Highlights of the meeting include:

  • The Board’s first meeting with Tania Dick, PABC’s new Indigenous Knowledge Keeper.  Tania will be working with us to help us move forward in a leadership role when it comes to Indigenous Health and Wellbeing in BC.  You can read about her here.
  • Review and approval of the 2024 – 2027 Strategic Plan.  Once we have it formatted, we will be sharing this with members – watch this space.
  • Approval of the 2024 Budget.
  • Review of our proposed changes to the PABC Bylaws – this will be an extensive overhaul, and we hope will set PABC up to be a more modern and lean organization.  Members will have the opportunity to review and vote on them at the 2024 Annual General Meeting on April 27.  Key changes include:
    • Reduction of seats from 13 to 9
    • A more modern approach to dates and digital opportunities
    • Alignment with the most updated version of the B.C. Societies Act
  • Discussion of the proposed Physiotherapy Regulations.
  • Discussion of the Health Professions and Occupations Act, the implications for physiotherapists, and the work that needs to be done to prepare ourselves for enactment.
  • Changes in the way members can communicate issues to PABC (please check out the issues form and use it if you have questions or concerns about an issue, a practice question, problems with insurance – there are so many things!)
  • Our strategic plan for Physiotherapy Assistants (PTAs).  Did you know they were members?  We are going to start making it worth their while with exclusive programs and services just for PTAs (let your PTA colleagues know!)
  • Planning for 2024 Congress and the PABC AGM here in Vancouver (April 25-27)
  • Updates regarding the current audits being conducted by PBC and our extensive advocacy

It was a full and productive day, but there has been a lot going on. We are feeling rejuvenated and ready to go for 2024 and beyond!

Vince Cunanan